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Endorsement Alert!

Former Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Bob Thomas (retired) has just endorsed Judge Ann Celine Walsh in the election for Circuit Court Judge in DuPage County.

Hear what Justice Thomas had to say about Judge Ann Celine Walsh’s experience, integrity, and fairness.

Retired Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Bob Thomas is all in on Judge Ann Celine Walsh.

Judge Ann Celine Walsh is honored to be endorsed by Justice Thomas and many other judges whom she appeared before during her years as a prosecutor in DuPage County. Many of these judges mentored Judge Ann Celine Walsh and guided her on a path to become a successful trial attorney.

Judge Ann Celine Walsh is also endorsed by:

Justice Ann B. Jorgensen

Supreme Court Justice Bob Thomas (Ret.)

Hon. Kathryn Creswell (Ret.), Chief Judge 18th Judicial Circuit
Hon. Judge Ronald D. Sutter (Ret.)
Hon. Blanche H. Fawell (Ret.)
Hon. Jane Mitton (Ret.)
Hon. Jim Konetski (Ret.)

Find An Early Voting Location Close to You

Join these outstanding Jurists in supporting Judge Ann Celine Walsh and casting your ballot for her for DuPage County Circuit Judge on or before November 3rd!
-Team Ann Celine Walsh

Ann Celine Walsh is running to fill the vacancy of former Judge Ronald D. Sutter in the November 3, 2020 general election. Ann Celine was appointed to the 18th Judicial Circuit Court to replace Judge Sutter on February 4, 2019.

To learn more about Judge AC Walsh and join her campaign for judge, please visit:

Paid for by Citizens to Elect Judge Ann Celine Walsh. A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board’s official website ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.

Copyright © 2020 Citizens to Elect Judge Ann Celine Walsh, All rights reserved.

Citizens to Elect Judge Ann Celine Walsh

PO Box 701Wheaton, IL 60187-0701

In celebration of National Poll Worker Recruitment Day on Sept. 1st, the DuPage County Clerk’s office is enthusiastic to announce that pay will double for election judges for the 2020 Presidential Election.

Election judges working on Election Day will receive $130 in base pay and another $130 as a COVID-19 supplement for a total of $260. Election judges working during Early Voting will receive $10 per hour in base pay and another $10 per hour as a COVID-19 supplement.

To apply to be an election judge or election worker, visit the DuPage County Clerk Election website:

As part of National Poll Worker Recruitment Day, the DuPage County Clerk is also reporting that polling places will be equipped with personal protective equipment, sanitation supplies, and social distancing signage and floor markers.

In order to protect the health and safety of election judges, DuPage County is implementing a new online judge training system to allow judges to be trained from home rather than being required to do so in person. This training covers a complete walk-through of procedures and process from start to finish of Election Day.

Election judge pay increases, PPE and the online training system for the Nov 3rd election will be paid for out of CARES Act funding provided with the bipartisan support of the DuPage County Board.

While their specific duties vary, election judges are in charge of setting up and preparing the polling place, welcoming voters, verifying voter registrations and issuing ballots. Election judges also help ensure voters understand the voting process by demonstrating how to use voting equipment and explaining voting procedures.

Established by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, National Poll Worker Recruitment Day aims to raise awareness about the benefits and importance of poll working and inspire more Americans to volunteer.

“Poll workers are the unsung heroes of the democratic process, and right now we’re facing a critical shortage of these dedicated volunteers,” said EAC Chairman Ben Hovland. “Recruiting poll workers is a challenge for many election officials across the country and the COVID-19 pandemic has made this need even more critical. We encourage Americans, who are able and willing to serve, to sign up to help America vote and work the polls on Election Day.”

Due to COVID-19, all 2020 General Election voters are encouraged to cast a ballot prior to Election Day, either by mail or during early voting. Voting by mail is an easy option for voters and you can request a vote by mail ballot through email, mail, or in person. An application is available from your local election authority or at To register to vote or check your registration status, visit

Jean Kaczmarek
DuPage County Clerk
421 County Farm Road
Wheaton, IL 60187

Our Campaign Headquarters has been established and is functional.

910 S. Riverside Dr., Elmhurst

No Unfair Tax Townhall w/Reps.Grant, Mazzochi and Peter Breen

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 at 7 PM

State Representative Deanne Mazzochi, State Representative Amy Grant, and former State Representative Peter Breen joins AFP Action to discuss why they oppose the Unfair Tax constitutional amendment ap…

Deanne Mazzochi
State Representative • District 47

Protect Me From 5G Act

I’ve filed new legislation to protect local residents from the proliferation of controversial 5G wireless canisters in suburban communities. When the original Small Cell Wireless bill was debated in 2018, communities and legislators were told most new 5G installations would be on existing poles. Since then, local villages have been inundated with permit applications for new towers in front of houses in parkways; neighborhood street corners; and playgrounds. Our neighborhoods welcome technological advances, but those same neighborhoods also need the right to decide at the local level whether certain aesthetic or safety costs are worth it.

After hundreds of Western Springs and Hinsdale residents called for expanded local control over 5G sites, I filed House Bill 5818, the “Protect Me From 5G Act,” which I hope will be considered in the General Assembly’s Fall Veto session in November.

Click here for more information on the bill.

Last Friday I held a press conference on the new legislation with Western Springs Village President Alice Gallagher, Hinsdale Village Trustee Luke Stifflear, and Clarendon Hills Village President Len Austin. You can watch it here.

Pritzker Attempting to Remove Patronage Check

In a recent court filing, Governor Pritzker is seeking to vacate a set of court decrees that seek to prevent politically motivated hiring, as well as politically motivated firings or other punishments against public employees known as the Shakman decrees. Against the backdrop of one of the largest patronage scandals in the history of the state involving House Speaker Michael Madigan and ComEd, I participated in a press conference calling out the removal of this important check on state hiring.

The Shakman decrees consist of three federal court orders issued as a result of a class-action lawsuit filed by Michael Shakman against the Democratic Organization of Cook County. The decrees, issued in 1972, 1979 and 1983, prohibit politically motivated firings, demotions, transfers or other punishments of government employees. It is also unlawful to take any political factor into account when hiring public employees, except for positions such as policymaking.  These decrees are binding on more than 40 offices statewide, including the Governor’s office.

This year we’ve seen federal authorities indict and secure guilty pleas from Democratic members of the General Assembly for bribery and fraud. ComEd admitted to multiple pay-to-play schemes to bribe the most powerful politician in the state, Mike Madigan, and his cabal of loyal minions. I caught Pritzker’s administration using state funds to hire his campaign worker through a no-bid vendor contract. And now Pritzker demands that the courts get rid of prohibitions designed to stop government employee political machines? Now is not the time to make corrupt government easier.

Video of the press conference is available here.

ICYMI: Townhalls

I hosted several successful virtual townhalls over the course of the past few weeks to discuss the latest in state government with residents. The townhall updates covered a wide variety of topics including COVID-19, the FY21 budget, the problems persisting at the Illinois Department of Employment Security, and the latest news on Illinois’ corruption scandals.

You can watch the entirety of one of my recent townhalls here.

In addition, I recently hosted a discussion with University of Chicago Doctors Ratain and Patel about the latest treatments and advancements against COVID-19. We also took a number of important questions from district residents. You can watch that discussion here.


As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to my office if we can be of any assistance.

Deanne Mazzochi
State Representative, District 47

Rep. Deanne Mazzochi advocates on behalf of the 47th Legislative District and is fighting for efficient government that is responsive and accountable to the needs of Illinois families.

Learn more at >>

Statement on Democrat State Senator Terry Link’s Tax Evasion Charges

Aug 14

GOP Chairman Jim Zay Remarks Regarding 2 More Democratic Party Officials Facing Federal Charges

WHEATON – “Every week brings a new disclosure of a Federal indictment, charge or investigation into a another Democrat elected by Illinois residents. Today it was Democratic State Senator Terry Link for tax evasion related to a gaming industry scandal involving another state legislator. A few days earlier, a former Cook County Commissioner Democratic candidate and Mayor of Crestwood was indicted on tax evasion charges related to a red light camera scandal. Last month, Speaker of the House and Illinois Democratic Party Chairman Mike Madigan was implicated in a gigantic bribery scandal with the ComEd.

So far, none have resigned their offices of public trust despite being covered with the stench of the corruption that has enveloped their offices. Ironically, Terry Link is still a member of the State of Illinois Legislative Ethics Commission and Mike Madigan has control of appointments to any Special Legislative Committee that will be looking into corruption in his Speaker of the House office. They are in charge of investigating themselves. How do we all think that is going to turn out?

For the sake of preserving whatever confidence the general public has in any level of government in Illinois, all of these men should resign from every government office and Democratic Party post they hold. The sooner the better. If they refuse, every Democratic elected official and every Democratic candidate seeking to become an elected official on November 3 rd should be asked point blank, “Will you demand that these people resign ?” If they stay silent or say ‘NO”, I think we know what to do on Election Day.

Statement Of Jim Zay
DuPage County Republican Chairman

Terra Costa Howard (D- Glen Ellyn) continues to take dirty money from
Michael Madigan and she sees nothing wrong with it.

Please email Terra Costa Howard at to demand she returns
the Madigan money today.

We have an experienced group of qualified Republican countywide candidates
running in November. Learn more about our Republican team at:


Citizens for Bob Berlin

Yesterday, Amanda Wolf was arrested and charged with Attempt Terrorism and Possession of an Incendiary Device in connection with the arrest of another offender in Lombard on June 1. That night was a night of protests and riots in Chicagoland following the death of George Floyd.

“There is nothing funny about planned criminal behavior, which if carried out, may have caused significant damage to property and the potential loss of human life.”



The York Township Republican Committeeman Organization Golf Outing
Friday, September 25, 2020
Western Acres, Lombard
Social Distancing & CDC Guidelines Followed


The DuPage County Clerk’s office is sending Vote by Mail applications to all voters this week for the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election, in compliance with recent emergency legislation to provide a safe choice of voting during COVID-19.

Deanne Mazzochi

State Representative • District 4

Resolution Filed to Remove Madigan from Speaker’s Office

In the face of ongoing federal corruption probes and despite the entire House Republican Caucus, as well as members of his own party, calling for his resignation, House Speaker Michael Madigan remains arrogantly defiant. I have sponsored House Resolution 885 to call for a no confidence vote in Speaker Madigan to remove him from his position of power in the Illinois House of Representatives.

Speaker Madigan wields significant power over legislators through the political committees he chairs and controls. As long as he holds the Democrat party coffers on the legislative side and controls legislators with campaign dollars, Illinois will continue to suffer. Despite the ComEd filing, Speaker Madigan is still raking in campaign donations. Click here for an article that breaks down these donations and highlights my bill to prohibit politicians from using campaign funds to pay legal bills for corruption or sexual harrassment cases. The Chicago Sun-Times reported in January that Speaker Madigan spent nearly $1.3 million on lawyers and related costs in 2019.

We need a government that works honestly and is responsive to the people we represent. The Governor is running a one man show that is rendering our state dysfunctional; while the Speaker treats the people’s House as his own personal playground. Visit my website for a breakdown of the ComEd filing and more information.

Hear From Me Directly!

Over the last few weeks I have been able to engage with residents via Zoom, covering everything from the latest on COVID in Illinois to the failures happening at the Illinois Department of Employment Security to the state’s budget outlook and more.


Click here for an excerpt from the last townhall on my thoughts on Governor Pritzker’s plan and the likelihood of when we see a vaccine and click here to watch me discuss what the current trends in Illinois’ COVID test results mean.

This Wednesday at Noon I am hosting another virtual townhall. Please join me for an interactive discussion where I will be answering any and all questions you have about Illinois state government and the COVID pandemic. Click here to register to attend.

Out and About in the District

I recently secured the donation of large quantities of high quality hand sanitizer to distribute to local facilities in need, including the People’s Resource Center in Westmont and the Ray Graham Center for People with Disabilities in Hinsdale.


Some aid organizations are still having difficulty securing hand sanitizer or other essentials for their needs. I am grateful that Illinois’ small businesses like Advanced Filter Systems, a local company trying to innovate in this area, has been working hard to address those shortages.

This pandemic has made many feel helpless and left many more struggling. If you’re interested in helping out, click here for opportunities to get involved in DuPage County and click here for specific COVID-19 ways to give back.

Thank you to the City of Elmhurst, Elmhurst University, and all our volunteers for a very successful shred event!

Deanne Mazzochi
State Representative, District 47


Coronavirus Charting and Data

This will allow you to gather as much truthful information that is being distributed at this time. False information can lead to your or several other peoples death.

So do not pass on rumor or false information please.

U. S. Government Response to Coronavirus, COVID-19

FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

World Health Organization: WHO

Johns Hopkins University
best map and data that I have found.

State of Illinois Coronavirus (COVID-19) response

Illinois Policy

Illinois Department of Public Health

DuPage County Health Department

Lake County Health Department

McHenry County Health Department

Cook County Public Health

If you think we should add a site please let me know

Election InformationLearn More

Working hard on our community